Everything You Need For HELO

A quick and concise guide to use HELO

Getting Started

Congratulations on your purchasing your HELO LX wellness band! You have made the wise decision to be able to monitor your health wherever you are, whenever you want. Follow our quick instructions so you can get started immediately.

HEKA app icon
HEKA app icon
  1. First, turn on your HELO LX device by holding the side-button for 2 seconds. The top LED light will turn green.
  2. Install the HEKA app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Do not use HELO app, as it is not updated anymore.
  3. Once you start the HEKA app, it will prompt you to input your phone number. Select your country, key in accordingly. You will then receive a PIN via SMS. Input it and confirm.


4. Next, it will prompt you to create a Wor(l)d Global Network account if you have yet to do so. Go to the registration page. Fill in the the fields as required but please note these fields below:

Sponsor username: mwalan
Promo/HELO code:
(Refer to the PINK paper inside your HELO box)
(Singapore is not on the list. Choose Malaysia instead.)

But you can still input a Singapore phone number.

World Global Network account registration

5. The app will request your permission to turn on Bluetooth and GPS. Please allow them so that it can search for your HELO LX device. Select “yes” when it prompts you to connect. Your HELO LX LED light will turn blue if done correctly.

And you’re done with your set up. Have fun taking your health measurements!

Measuring Your Health

Tap on the menu on the top left to see all options. Simply follow on-screen instructions.

Under the Measurements section, you can choose
  • Heart rate – beats per minute
  • Breath rate – breaths per minute
  • Mood/energy – eg. calm, excited, sad
  • Steps taken
Under the Functional Menu,

you will see other options that are not measurements, such as personal info and SOS setting.

Under the Plugin section, you can choose
  • Blood pressure – systolic and diastolic
  • Heart graph – your electrocardiogram ECG
  • Heart check – combines your heart rate, blood pressure and ECG to determine if your heart is overall healthy

One special measurement is Sleep quality – measures your total amount of sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, and number of times woken up. It requires you to wear HELO LX while you’re asleep between 8PM to 9AM in your local time.

We will see more features in future such as Oxygenation level, so stay tuned.
Watch the video below for a quick demonstration of the HEKA app and HELO LX.

HEKA app home interface
HEKA app home interface

Technical Enquiries?

If you are having any issues, please visit Wor(l)d Global Network infocenter 
> Support tab at the top
Knowledge Base on the bottom left

If your issue still persists, please open a ticket which is on the bottom right. You will need to login to your Wor(l)d Global Network account so the technical team can get back to you.