Finding Good Suppliers on Alibaba

Alibaba is a huge ecommerce platform that connects businesses and consumers. It is a great place to find suppliers for your business or personal needs, if you utilize it well.

Once you find your desired item, here are some fast tips to review whether the supplier is worth giving a shot:

  1. Look at their membership status. Try to go for at least “Gold Supplier” status, as it a paid membership that the supplier needs to pay. This status is reflected beside the supplier’s name and on the top of their profile page as well. A reputable supplier has no qualms paying for an Alibaba memberbship.
  2. Look at seller support. A “Trade Assurance” status is a good sign as the supplier provides some form of protection for product quality,  shipment and payment.
  3. Look at the company’s introduction and see their verification type. One good example is the “Onsite Check” status where the supplier is verified by a professional third party.
  4. Look at their business type. Some may prefer manufacturer status to skip potential distributor fees, and it could be more effective to communicate directly on manufacturing queries or issues.
  5. Check the suppler’s feedback. Naturally, a reliable supplier is supported by good reviews.
  6. Other factors that reflect their credibility: their response time, response rate, transaction history & the option to get a sample.

Well, let’s go snag some good suppliers: